Washington Street, East is being transformed into a public art gallery!

StreetWorks art auction 2010

StreetWorks Art Auction

Join us for our fifth annual StreetWorks art auction during FestivAll!


StreetWorks 2012

View the art by over 25 local artists which is currently being transferred onto metal signs to be installed on street lights along the Washington St., East between Greenbrier and Morris Streets. Click on the link to view the image (due to large file sizes, please be patient while images load).  


StreetWorks 2011

Over 20 local artists submitted designs which were transferred onto bricks and embedded into the sidewalk of the 1500 block of Washington St., East. Check out the art here!


StreetWorks 2010

For our second year, StreetWorks turned the designs of over 25 artists from the area into bricks, which can now be seen embedded in the sidewalk of Washington St., East, between Nancy and Maxwell Streets, or you can just view the art here!


StreetWorks 2009

The First Annual StreetWorks project saw 30 local artists submit designs which were transferred onto banners and hung along the Washington Street business corridor. While the banners are no longer up, you can still view all the the artworks here!